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tv   Geraldo at Large  FOX News  September 11, 2010 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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>> geraldo: live and at large, even as rival networks kiss this selfish creep's ass and treat this trader, look what he it to us. putting troops in peril as he provided aid and comfort to our nation's enemies in afghanistan. fueled by the pastor's diverse plan since canceled to burn the tholy book, look at the td fiamericanrotests tha erupted for the second day in the war torn nation. one angry crowd shouting death hey set fire ouide one of our bases as if our heros over tre needed any
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more problems. from earler in today here is the president. >> this is a day of remembrance. a day of reflection. and with god's grace, a day of unity and renewal. they may seek to spark conflict between different faiths but as americans we are not and never will be at war with islam. it was not a religion that attacked us that september day, it was al-qaedana. a sorry band of men which perverts religion. and just as we condemn intolerance and extremism abroad, so will we stay true to our traditions here at home as a diverse and tolerant nation. >> geraldo: while there is physical renewal,here was little unity around ground zera
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today. we planned a celebrahetion tonight of the rise of the new world trade center to begin its noble climb into the new york skyline. progress symbolized by the columnsf life that soar skyward marking the sacred spot where the original towers once today but a perfect storm of troversy hasd con ripped through the commemoration even as it divides our nation over the tough issue of the downtown mosque and the bigger concern in o society over the role of muslims in america. we begin with dueling. demotrations. >> those cranes are at ground zero and today on the 9th anniversary there are dueling protests over the proposed construction of an islamic
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cultural center to the left of where the police cruiser is. they are not letting protesters from either side get even close to that thing. >> racisno! >> all the people that you see behind me here are rallying inc oppositi to the construction of the proposed islamic cultural center. >> they are making a statement here and saying this is where we had our victory in the united states and we are saying no, you can't do that. >> everybody has been well behaved although some did have to be removed. >> i have the right to freedom of reillinois gornor rod freedom of religion and freedom of speech. >> these are people in favor of of building the islamic center. >> i'm happy this is going on. this is what i was fighting for is the right to do this. >> many peopleurning out on both sides and it was impressive there were such strong numbers because in the days running up to the
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anniversary there was discussion whether people should be protesting at all on this date. >> this is september 11th and a day to reflect back on the heros we lost and the sacrices people made and we are going to theemorial service for the port authority officers who died. this is not the day to make political statements. >> on this the ninth nianversary of 9/11 emotions on both sides of the issue as strong as ever. backo you. >> geraldo: we understand 1500 counterto demonstrators, 2,000 pro the mosque construction. fine report, thank you. let's go live to our deagur colleague rick levanthal whose ave reporting as the towers collapsed helped propel fox news intohe heart of the journalism. how different is this night. >> the night is lit by the two incredibly beautiful columns of
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light. i don't know if you can see the sparkles but a dramatic sight from jersey city in liberty state park. a difficult day for many of us who were there that morning, that day when the towers were hit and then the towers felt. certainly the most difficult day i ever had in my 23 years mf reporting trying to stay focused and do my job surrounded by uncertainty. >> geraldo: you heard former new york governor george pa pay petacchi saying this is not the day for this kind of provokation. what do you think, rick? >> reporter: i think there are strong feelings on both sides of the issue and it is not going away any time soon. terms if someone is was going to build something some where and 70% of thepe people across the country
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didn't think it was a good idea that person might want to rethink the location of where they were putting that cultural center. i mean in general terms, i geraldo, you know, it might not be the best idea. but they have a right many beeve to put it there and there are a lot of people that have a right to protest thehe put it there. it is kind of sad that this would dominate the news and take overhat should be a memorial to the 3,000 people who died on 9/11. it shouldn't be about this other thing that is going on next door. >> geraldo: rick, i couldn't have said it better. you are absolutely right. i agree with you in every regard and it was a great act of courage on your part ireporting nine years ago andt is an honor to have you as a colleague today and hopefully we will get past all the noise and on the0th anniversary truly commemorate in a way that honors those who fell and their families rather than this ugly
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disorder. but rick lthal, thanks again, buddy, i appreciate it. sts we have provocative gue including pamela geller who heads a group called stopla islamization ofca. and before we begin with them, though, someone far more mainstream. pakistan's ambassador to the united states and also a friend of mine of long standing. he is a ambassador husin. honored to have you onboard especially on this important day. can you describe what is the reaction in your country and in neighboring afghanistan to the noise of the koran bur ning in florida and these dueling demonstrations over the location of the mosque in downtown new york, mr. ambassador? >> geraldo, let me remind you that i wasn't ambassador at that time but on 9/11 you and i
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spoke o the phone and your show which at it was on another network and i had told you that what we will have to see now over the next few years is a long war in which the real target of the united states should be to deny terro rrists more recruits and that is p exactly where people like myself who are committed to being friends of the united states ensureing that the muslim world cooperates with the united states in the war against terror. that is our feeling today, too. i think that both sides need to understand that in this era of instant communication something that happens in gainesville, floda, can have an impact in afghanistan and vice versa and so my advice has always been we need to stop the polarization. it works bought it gets media attention and gets votes in some places and gets you some supporters but you know what, at this point the world needs a healing and i think the healing
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from 9/11 has not yet been completed. pakistan is a victim of terrorism itself. we have had 5,000 deaths at the hands of terrorists. so we understand how it feels to be victims of terrorismnd i think everybody needs to take a deep breath, not score points but try to figure out a way in which passions are not in flamed and america lives u r to its reputation is as the city on the hill. and the muslim world also rises to the occasion and says we have to stop being seen as countries led by extremists. so the -- >> geraldo: as arguably the highest ranking secular leading from the muslim world in this country and i'm talking about you, would you personally feel that the way to lower the
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temperature and compromise in an honorable way would be a small move a couple of blocks away from ground zero, graed that that would be an absolute congregation of the gentleman cultural center that they have a right to build exactly where they want to. would you be in favor of them moving a couple of blocks to lower the temperature hand in hand with their christian and jewish and hindi and other american allies a little further away from ground zero? >> geraldo, i represent pakistan in the united states as an ambassador. it is not fair for me to get in the middle of what is eceptionly an internal american inargument. i think sometimes making a point at the cost of human lives or in flaming passions is not worth it. an iamic center in any part
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of the united states would still celebrate muslim participation in american life. i think all those people taking a harder view of it have to derstand that the muslims are here to stay in the united states. many of them are american done verts to islam. both sides need to understand this should not be about scoring points and it shouldn't only be about asserting rights. sometimes we all have rights but we sometimes understand the rights need to be exercised in a man in which they do not greater h >> geraldo: i have to emphasize this and i don't put you in the corner but sounded to me that pakistan's ambassador to t united states just said that you would be in favor of compromise which included a slight move of that mosque from the ground zero area. did i hear you correctly, mr. ambassador? >> geraldo, i think you are a smart man and you can hear s
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whatever i say. you more or less accurately. let us look at the bigger challenge. al-qaeda is still alive. not as strong as it used to be at the time of 9/11. they have a presence in afghanistan. they have a presence in the borderlands of pakistan. we need to fight them and defeat them and we do not need other arguementsve to overshadw the real purpose which is to defeat al-qaeda. >> geraldo: that is why that man is friend of mine. >> doming up, geller versusce 5 shabazz. to a polar opposites in the firey mosque debate. 50+ advantage has gingko for memory and concentration plus support for bone and breast health. a great addition to my routine. [ female announcer ] one a day women's. they've done a great job caring for their teeth. that's why i recommend a rinse like crest pro health complete. it's a mormpe cole way to a better dental check-up. giving you a clean, healthy mouth.
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is also our greatest weapon in the ongoing war against al-qaeda. in shanksville, pennsylvania where brave passengers kept united flight 93 from reaching the capitol for the white house, first lady michelle obama said being a hero isn't just a matter of faith, it is a choice. and former first lady laura bush said we saw that day the worst oour enemy and the best of our nation. neither the president nor either of the first ladies mentioned the controversy over plans to build a mosque a few blocks from ground zero but mr. obama said just a few steps from the crash site at the pentagon is a multidenomnationalhapel where people are all faiths can pray. geraldo. >> geraldo: wendell, thank you very much. because more moderate voices are being drowned out by folks on the fringes of the mosque debate like that pastor ie florida we thought you should hear from the drivers of the most extreme aspects of the
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controversy. i'm sure you remember malik shabazz who heads up the small but aggressive black panther party. andhen the group stopf islamization of america. >> the mega mosque is part of it. >> geraldo: first of all, answer my question about. >> there is islamization of america. >> geraldowhat do you define? >> the u.s. treasury giving seminars in shariy leah and muslim prayer times on union contracts and nonunn worker. >> geraldo: how about hindi or jewish prayer time. >> they are not imposing it in the secar marketplace. >> geraldo: do you think islam is being treated differently than other religions? >> yes. >> i'm sure they would argue t that point. >> that is how theympose more of islam. >> geraldo: but you think there is a plan to make our country an islam country?
10:18 pm
>> it is not a sneaky plan. it is encrohing islamicss supreme assists. >> geraldo: who is we? how many people in your group? >> we have i guess 18,000 members on facebook. >> geraldo: 18 members of stop islamization of america. >> only the separation of mosque and state like church and state. i mean a woman -- >> geraldo: let me get the other guest. segments toral seths to make make your point. we didn't come to fight either of youy. the last time we were tother you mocked the 9/11 attacks and video i showed you that you didn't know was going to be seen. shortly after 9/11 you were in front of other new members of the new black panther party mocking the attacks and seeming to support them. do you still feel that way? >> that is not true. i have friends who have family at passed in that building. >> geraldo: could you say that one re time, malik? i missed it. >> i have friends who havsee
10:19 pm
family who passed in the twin towers. what i'm also saying is this is a point where we can getore mature beyond emotionalism and also feel the pain of the 150,000 innocent muslims that ha dtlecy or indirectly died as a result of the wars in iraq and afghanistan. america is not becoming islamic supreme aist sifts ma'am, america as time magazine pointed out is islama phobic and i fear that muslims will be on the road to concentration camps if we don't put a stop to the bigotry. >> geraldo: concentration camps is as crazy as islamization of america. >> geraldo: i don't. >> you are headed that way. >> i don't know about that and i doubt it seriously. >> donald trump's offer to buy e mosque is probed by us. and later, the body is count is
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rising in the massive inferno that burned out the heart of almost an entire california community. iadies and gentlemen, stay tuned. the program is packed. provocative to use thatiestive gain and we'll be back iniles a flash. e no matter at we'reuying. and since double miles up quick... romans! get em! [ garth ] ...we can bring the wholgang. [ sheep bleats ] it's hard to beat double miles. whoa -- he's on the list. but we're with him. [ male announcer introducing the venture card from capital one with double miles on everyurchase every day. go to [ indistinct shouting ] what's in your wallet?
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this was a morning of tributes and tears. the somber commemoration of 9/11 here at ground zero was an intensely personal and emotional one. family members honoredse tho who died by reading the names of the 2,752 people killed here by al-qaeda. they held signs with photographs of loved ones and carried american flags. they gently placed roses and flowers loving memory of those lost in the reflecting idpool. vice president joe biden did theame along with other
10:24 pm
poem.ials and read a while there was no direct mention of the controversy oh vet proposed islamic center two blocks away, some family members alluded to the legacy of 9/11 and new york city mayoe michael bloomberg and several others recal recalled the deep meaning of this poignant day. >> those we lost live on in our memory. >> let me just say one thing. let today never ever be a national who wil holiday, let e a celebration. it is a day to be somber and a day to reflect on all those thousands of people that died for us in the united states. thank you. >> my father jose manuel cardone there isn't a day that goes by that we don't miss you and we love you. >> a mixture of quiet sorro yand defiant anger. the gathering not only
10:25 pm
representing what we have lost bu slt also the threat of islamc radical rrorism still exists. geraldo. >> geraldo: thank you very much. pamela geller and malik shabazz my guests. do you, you know, we are notrt reporting on another incident that happened at the white house involving the koran because i think we would just be in citing more violence. i got a note from a commander anotheremonstration that we a have not yet shown and he says it is amazing what some folks will do even after they know it could have far reaching and damaging consequences to the troops in afghanistan. do you support the acts of desecration of the koran? >> no, i don't support that. the anecdote to bad speech is nots censorship and book burning. it is discussion.
10:26 pm
>> geraldo: do you con temperature them? >> i do. but it is protested speech and i wouldn't want to warn the jihaddists threatening violent jihad. it needs to be stated it was not dueling rallies. we had 30,000 people atur rally. >> geraldo: according to the cops you had 1500. >>ou will see the picture. i welcome spacial scientists. 9/11 was chosen because daisy an said she was going to break ground on the new york mosque on 9/11. it is not a conspiracy theory. >> geraldo: malik, do you condemn the - let me put it this way. the ambassador to pakistan said he would be in favor of moving the mosque a couple of blocks. do you similarly agree to a reasonable compromise to diffuse the issue while
10:27 pm
ouoring both sides to the debate? >> i would not as an attorney i would say it would create a slippery slope and if the muslims give up their right of worship here are they will end up giving it up everywhere. why is it that if the indians were massacred, let me ask youa there -- >> geraldo: more with malik -- with these priority mail flat rate boxes from the postal service, if it fits, it ships anywhere in te country for a low flat rate. no weigh? nope. no way. yeah. no weigh? sure. no way! uh-uh. no way. yes way, no weigh. priority mail flat rate box shipping starts at $4.95, only from the postal service. a simpler way to ship.
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c'mon, stop living in the shadows. you've got a life to live. [ male announcer ] so don't blame it on aging. talk to your doctor and go to to find out more. from america's news headquarters i'm marnne raffer. authorities in san bruno, california, revealing that the pileline that blew up there on thursday was already ranked high risk. it had been under the watch of the utilities commission even before the blast because it ran under a highly populated area. tonight, five people are still missing. and tropical storm igor could soon become the fourth hurricane of the 2010 atlantic season churning about 1300 miles east of the cabbean. weather services warn it could
10:31 pm
become a major hurricane early next week as it heads northwes forecasters also watching another storm system bringing heavy rain to parts of the eastern caribbean. i'm marianne rafferty. now, back to "geraldo at large." >> geraldo: this is a fox news alert. we will be bbaac to the mosque debate in a moment. now, tortion san bruno, california as the body count climbs from the devastating gas explosion. the devastated city overlooking san francisco bay hasat investigators now probing persistent and deeply troubling reports from survivors of thursday's blast that thepo utility company responsible for the ruptured pipeline, pacific gas and electric ignore the frequent complaints that gas was smelled in the area. that has the company this is long before the explosion obviously but as the company promises a fall fair investigation california authorities are not waiting. listen. >> i want to assure the people
10:32 pm
of san bruno and the people of california that we are moving quickly to find the cause. it is very, very important to all of us. >> we have eight investigators on the scene currently. they are going to rule out everything and trying to find the source of the ignition. >> geraldo: source of the ignition. for the current toll from the awful explosion, claudia cowen live at the scene. we had various reports. you there are, what do we know? >> we know several people are still unaccounted for. late today we got word that investigators had located the downins of two more people in the fire zone which bringsl the o,fficial death toll to si, geraldo. late today, 700 people packed into a town hall meeting at a local church to try to get answers and assurances from city officials. it was by and large a civil rised meeting but some people are still not getting the
10:33 pm
assurances they want that their nehborhood is safe. the gas pipe that exploded was raned high risk because it ran rough a densely populated area. a number of residents leaed they will be able to return too their homes tomorrow but what a different kind of neighborhood it is n. we got a first-hand look at devastation site and it is hard to believe just a few days ago there were homes and streets and people who built their lives tre. rubble is everywhere. some homes are gone completely. windows are blown out. melted cars sit in driveways and a huge cter in the middle of it all caused by the rupture of this 40-foot length of charred pipeline. the blast sent it flying about a hundred yards and it will be the key piece of evidence in the criminal investigation. a closer look shows a nearly clean rip on what investigators say is a seam weld. that could indicate a failure in the metal sleeve that holds large pieces of pipeline
10:34 pm
together. many residents say they hado idea a high pressure gas line u was running underneath the homes. this pipeline was laid in 1956 years before the homes wer built. how and when the pipeline was maintained will be a key part of tinhe investigation. after seeing the devastation first hand, senator barbara boxer called it a heartbreaker titude toessed her gra the first responders. president obama also giving vernor arnold schwarzenegger assurances that federal assistance would be available to help recover from the disaster. meantime, authorities continue to search for more victims. several people remain unaccounted for and that could mean the official death toll which stands at six could rise. geraldo, as you mentioned, a number of residents had complained to the local pow company pacific gas and electric that they smelled gas in the area in the days and even weeks prior to the blast. now, investigators with the national transportatio safety board want to talk to those people and follow up to see if
10:35 pm
those complaints were satisfactory addressed. back to you, geraldo. >> geraldo: those people, have some of them he lost absolutely everything. i saw them at the meeting. they applauded the fact that they would have access to the homes but what utter devastation, just ripping dearthing that they held deer to them from their clutches. just remarkable to me. >> and you know, when you see the pictures and hear the stories of the situation out here tonight, many people fled from their homes that were on fire. really ran out of their homes th only the clothes they were wearing and they lost everything. that is why they are now getting assurces that they will waive fees to replace documents like birth certificates and licenses. most of the people were applauding at that meeting today but some were not satisfy and they want pg&e to come clean and show maps of where
10:36 pm
the power lines are. pg&e says they won't do it out of safety precautions. kimberly guilfoyle former prosecutor and my colleague. it seems toe criminal liability. first of all, 1956, high pressure gas line. but these people have lost everything aside from the ul death actions all the people injured. 60 odd people. people still mossing. they lost everything. i just add up the liabilities against assuming it is pg&e, enormous, billions. >> that is why the president of pacific gas and electric company chris johns is on notice and they are doing an investigation but they will also be investigated by the state to see if in any way they were negligent or grossly negligent. a if their failure to act and heed the warnings and complaints by the people that lived in the area if they were ignored, they were not heeded e and therefore this tragedy could have been prevented.
10:37 pm
of are looking at millions of dollars in compensation and the emotional loss of dev of having your lives destroyed. >> geraldo: a mini bp. not so mini. >> sounds like they have the complaints ahead of time nd if they didn't do anything about it, that is significant. >> geraldo: go to jail, do not pass go. viewers of the program now back to the mosque debate had a three week jump with the discussion on the possibility that the developers of the mosque project were showing signs of flexibility and foreya ng toe they might be willi sell. what price? about $20 million or five times the -- sorry, that is four times the $5 million they paid. five times four, $20 million. they paid $5 million fo the old coat factory at 51 park place and they want $20 million. to test the feasibility of the prospect we were the first d os
10:38 pm
trump to weigh in. here is the donald? >> what would you pay for it? >> well, i certainly wouldn't pay 20. geraldo: you would pay north of five? >> i would have to look a.he billing, geraldo. i think if he could sell for a little bit of a profit, i mean he is asking four tim what he paid. give me a break. if he could sell for a little e lotsf a profit and mak of friends in doing it, go to another location where you wouldn't have the insensitivity, i think it would make so many friends it would be a great thing. he would turn this into a real positive. >> geraldo: noelle you agree with the donald, don't you? >> absolutel younow i do. >> geraldo: and so you think you heard the pakistani ambassador i hope. itou like and we have heard as i have reported from the other side -- not the other side from the developers that they would sell for a price. it seems to me the beginnings
10:39 pm
of a compromise might we emerging. i'm praying fort anyway. and then we will go to malik. i think it is absolutely ridiculous that they would put a price tag like that and make a profit off not even being compassionate. first of all, yo have to ask yourself, is the mosque generally is it going t be an asset to the community? an, it is not going to be asset to the community and t nsother thing is what construction worker if they don't manage to sell this, what construction worker is actually going want to work on the project? who are are they going to find? no new yorkers that i know. >> geraldo: go ahead. >> first of all, the imam has of that mosque and islamic learning center has been iorking in that community for years. wouldn't it also be sensitive to move every church from every location where so-called christians massacred millions of indians in new york in the
10:40 pm
trail of tears and to move churches from. >> geraldo: native americans. >> i'm talking about native americanor indians. move churches off the land where they were massacred. move the churches off the where the blacks in jamestown or rosewood or tulsa oklahoma were burned out because they said they were sensitive. >> i'm talking about being compassionate. i'tag lkinabout being compassionate. >> be compassionate >> looat 9/11. look at the people that lost moved ones. we all suffered all around the united states of america either economically. geraldo: malik, i thinkou y strained history for your analogy there. >> geraldo: pamela geller, isn't this the time to be kind and reach out and say let's get
10:41 pm
together and find a solution everything that we love the practice of organized religion in the country and founded on faithful people, can'te do that and work together? >> we can do that. i don't think the imam who is radical. >> how can you do that when you have a group called stop the islamization. >> why do you see that as divisive. it is happening. it is bizarre that you say that. >> have yobeen to europe or the middle east. it was once a christian continent. >> many muslims were born in this country. the 15 story mega glove a community center they say. >> a mosque is community center. it is a 15 story middle finger to the american people, that is my point. >> geraldo: you made your point. >> i got it.
10:42 pm
>> no one iiss -- >> i think it is time to learn. does your guest know this should be, listen, this should a learning experience. etoes your guestnow, let me make a point, let me make a point. let me make a point. >> geraldo: make your point. >> does your guest now that presidents george, washington, and thomas jefferson wer w shriners who studied the koranl andslam and that islam is [ .eply rooted [ overlapping speakers ] >> this should be an opportunity, this is an opportunity to learn.>> >> geraldo: stop. >> a chance to learn >> look, yout' guys. let's bak it down really simple. no one is against building a mosque. don't want it on ground zero. that is all we are asking. >> where you don't have to deal with it. >> move it a couple of blocks and we will all sing kumbaya
10:43 pm
and i'll lead the parade. i'd even right a little check. >> an amazing tribute toeal heros from 9/1re1,he firefighters who paid the ultimate price. faitheir families. an extraordinary gift to them, after this. ncer ] ons bottle of ultrdawn has the grease-cleaning power of two of this competing brand. [ sponge ] way to go, kid. [ female announcer ] dawn does more... [ sponge ] so it's not a chore.
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every member of battalion nine was killed that day. honor, courage. remembering the three words is what this morning is all about. >> geraldo: along with 23 cop, a total of 343 firefighters and paramedics, 343 of them died on 9/11 including as the battalion chief said there every single onduty member of battalion nine f blocks just a couple o from here in the heart of the theater district. on friday, families and friends of those who perished gathered together to honor 15 of the heros from that house. in an extraordinary way it was a monumental group portrait of the fallen. take it look as it as it is unveiled. let's go. and here it is. can you get a shot of it live.
10:48 pm
it is right there. take a shot live here in the studio. there it is. joining me now aspiring new york firefighters matt and his brother karl. their dad karl senior died that day nine years ago and he is one of the 15 portrayed in the wonderful painting. which one is your dad? >> bottom right. >> bottom right. >> geraldo: can you get a shot of that. pan in. that is your dad? how long had he been in. >> 14 years. >> geraldo: did you aspire to be firefighters prior to the 9/11. >> yes. >> did you always want to grow up to be firefighters. >> always as kids. >> geraldo: how much did he love his job? >> he used to take us there when we were kids and stuff like that.cs for the picnics and christmas events. t>> geraldo: how didou find out that he perished that day ou discussion between the adults in the the house. i was 12 at the time and i think i heard a fireman calling
10:49 pm
my mom and tell her. i don't remember if she tried to hide it to us or ease it to us. >> geraldo: what is that metal there? >> my father's badge. 7963. >> geraldo: when do you think you will be active duty? >> have to wait to take the test coming up in january. >> geraldo: how olare you now? >> i'm 21. >> i'm 2 an 22 and i took the t already and i'maiting to hear back. >> geraldo: the founder of a group called hero portraits. nice to see you. these are eerily life like the paintings. some in the foreground also. the artists are terrific. how many have you done the portits of? >> today we arep to 20 firefighters which we started four months ago. >> and how many gis? >> up to probably 200 plus and the asks come in daily. >> geraldo: how did you get the
10:50 pm
idea? >> w ggot a call from a gold star mom and my wife and i had been involved in oil portraits for me time and she asked how she could get a porait of her son. >> geraldo: stop right there. we are going to take aco pause and come back and show you some of the hidden memorials already commemorating.
10:51 pm
10:52 pm
10:53 pm
>> geraldo: is room is called. >> this room is called the 9/11 victims' memorial. following the prosecution of
10:54 pm
zacarias moussaoui we had a number of items used in the trial. we have pictures of most of the people killd that day. artwork that was found at the scene of 9/11. many of them hand drawn pictures by children and so it is a very sobing way to start thek and a reminder that threat still exists. >> the first thing i see when i walk through the door is the memorial, the first thing it makes us think about it the need to be vigilant. the trust that the public has placed in the tsa to secure the skies. the girter from the 77th floor of the tower. finally there is a piece of the united airlines plane that crashed near shanksville. >> what i see when i see this memorial which is a piece from the world trade center from the pentagon and a flag that was recovered in the world trade center site is this is why we're here. this is why we are at the national counter terrorism center is to stop something like this happening every day.
10:55 pm
a way of bringing us back to the real consequences of violent islic extremism in the world and that flag is torn and tattered with you still there. we have to remember the people who died under rubble like erhat. >> geraldo: died under rubble like that and looking at one way they are being honored here. how many is that again, 12, 13, 14, 15 of the 33 firefighters from ba a battalion nine. their pictures painted by superb artists thanks to darryl lynn, founder of hero rtraits. how are the portraits funded? >> my wife and i fund them completely. we funded the entire project. >> geraldo: how nice of you. ha>> we started this a year ana half ago and we wanted to give back and we have been searching how to give back and this is the way to do it. >> so beawhutiful.
10:56 pm
what a way to honor all of them together. >> that is phase two of the project. right now the project is the website and we photograph every portra and transfer it on to a tile and looking for the right locationhether it is new york or d.c. for a wall of heros which will be the photographs of the portraits. >> geraldo: a great idea. 30 seconds of our own recollection. >>heir memory and spirits live on with all of us and you see there with matt and karl the sons of an american heroon and it is wonderful to remember the positive things the impact and what your father did and his battalion giving back an giving his life to save other people is truly incredible. >> geraldo: and the way you will honor your dad is with your own courage when you wear the uniform of new york's bravest. i'm sure you will with great honor. delighted to have your both. giveour regards to your mom and the rest of theamily. and when you see the guys in he theaterouse district tell them we love
10:57 pm
them. >> second family over there. >> what a lacy. doedible. >> geraldo: your dad would be very proud and we appreciate you coming on. darryl, i can't say enough about your generosity. thank you for being with us on this special show. we'll see you tomorrow night. good night. captioned by closed captioning services, inc. ♪ a [ male announcer ] you're at the age where you don't get thrown by curve balls. ♪ this is t age of knowing how to get things done. ♪ so why would you let something like ertile dysfunction get in your way? isn't it time you talked to your doctor about viagra? 20 million men already have. ith every age comes responsibility. askour doctor if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take viagra if you take nitrates for chest pain,
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